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Who we are

Exhedra creates high technology companies that are industry recognized leaders. Our companies have won numerous awards including: Entrepreneur Magazine’s “100 Most Brilliant Companies” and Inc. 5000 “Fastest growing companies in the U.S. award” 4 years in a row, among numerous others.

We were established in 1997 as a collobaration of three brothers: Ian Ippolito, Kim Ippolito and Corey Ippolito. We are headquartered in Tampa, Florida with satellite offices in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and San Francisco, California.

We are also strong believers in supporting the less fortunate in both our local and global communities.

What Does "Exhedra" Mean?

Exhedra is a term from ancient Athens in Greece. Leading thinkers in science, mathematics and philosophy, gathered to debate in the exhedra and created revolutionary discoveries in geometry, astronomy, chemistry and numerous other fields.

We are inspired by this rich tradition, and are proud to extend it to the modern frontiers of high technology.

Our Team

Ian Ippolito, CEO

Ian Ippolito
Founder and CEO

Ian is a serial high tech company founder, CEO and entrepreneur. He has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Forbes, TIME, Fast Company, CBS News, FOX news and many more. Click here for more on Ian.


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