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The Real Estate Crowdfunding Review

What is The Real Estate Crowdfunding Review?

Real estate crowdfunding review screenshot Real estate crowdfunding is the newest way for individuals to invest safely and affordably indirect real estate. This asset class has averaged 9.6% with low volatility, but for many years, was only available to huge institutions. With crowdfunding, individuals pool their money, which lets them invest at much lower minimums. So investors create a safe, diversified portfolio, which boosts returns, and reduces risk.

The Real Estate Crowdfunding Review provides investor tools that cut through the clutter and the hype of the industry. An extensive investment tutorial library, teaches investors the basics of real estate investing. Deep dive reviews of the top sites, enables investors to choose wisely from the 85+ sites in the industry. Newest investment feeds, allow investors to manage their incoming investment pipeline efficiently. Ratings help them to evaluate investments more quickly. And investor to investor chat rooms, allow investors to that new ideas and socialize with peers.

The site has been featured in USA Today, Bloomberg news, Curbed and more.

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