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What is Planet Source Code?

Planet Source Code screenshot Planet Source Code is one of the largest source code databases in the world with over 29.5 million lines of source code examples and apps to build from. It also has over 4.3 thousand tutorials and articles, as well as discusion boards, coding contests with prizes and 2.8 thousand open programming jobs.

Planet Source Code was created by Ian Ippolito in 1997 when he wanted a way to share his own source code on the internet and was frustrated that there was no way to do it. At the time, most sites on the internet were static HTML pages (displayed the same thing to every user and never changed). Fortunately a brand new tool from Microsoft had just come out, called Visual Interdev 1.0 which was perfect for Ian to create a brand new type of site with. (Visual Interdev later became Active Server Pages and eventually ASP.NET). Planet Source Code was not only one of the early database driven websites, but also the first open-source site as well (long before the open-source movement had a name). The site grew in popularity until it was visited by millions of programmers every month.


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