Exhedra Software ...

...is a team of software consultants with over 7 years of experience in industry, government and educational institutions. We are dedicated to private consulting and creating innovative software products and internet services.

Exhedra offices are located in 3 sites around the country--Tampa, Pittsburgh and Atlanta.

As we strive to create products and services of the highest quality, we are proud of the recognition we have received:

  1. Our help authoring tool--Help Maker Plus--has been awarded the PC Talk Shareware product of the year and the Wugnet Superior shareware award.

  2. Our web service--Planet Source Code--has been awarded the Visual Basic Explorer 'Beginner Friendly Site award' and the VB Island Site of the week award.

  3. Our consultants have been awarded the GTE Ounce of Quality award and the GTE Group Achivement award.

We can create a custom solution for your business or institution. Please take the time to browse our consultants' resumes.



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(813) 908-9029

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