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DirectX 7: Setting Up a DirectX Application
By: Jack Hoxley
Written: May 2000

Before you can actually write any directX code you must first link directX to visual basic. This is done by the use of a type library. Follow these steps to link it to your application:

  1. Make sure that you have Visual Basic 5 or above. If you have VB1/2/3/4 give up now or go and invest in a better version of visual basic. Only visual basic 5, 6 and above support the use of DirectX.
  2. Start VB
  3. When you get the option to create a new project - either from the little window or the menu - select "Standard EXE", you can use the others, but for a general purpose directX application use a "standard EXE".
  4. When the project has loaded, goto the project menu and select references. A new window will appear with a long list of files.
  5. Scroll down until you find an entry called directX7 for visual basic type library and tick the small box next to it.
  6. Click the Okay button.
  7. You can now program DirectX!

Got Problems?

  1. If the file does not appear in the list click on the browse button, browse through your hard drive until you find the windows\system\ folder - usually C:\Windows\System\
  2. Search through this folder for a file named DX7VB.DLL and click open. It should now appear in the list. Follow the instructions as above.
  3. Still can't find it? Have you got DirectX7 installed? The DLL file should be installed with every version of DirectX7, so if the file is not there you need to go get DirectX7 (try

Just some general information:

  1. As stated above, you need Visual Basic 5 or above to use DirectX
  2. You need DirectX 7 installed on your computer
  3. the end user will also need DirectX 7 installed on their computer

Now you may begin!

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