Using Calculator with the Clipboard

Calculator can supply calculated results to other applications and perform Calculator functions with values supplied by other applications.

To copy the value from the Calculator display area onto the Clipboard

From the Edit menu, choose Copy.

To paste a character sequence from the Clipboard into Calculator

1If you're using the scientific calculator, select a number system to paste into.
2From the Edit menu, choose Paste.
Calculator interprets each character on the Clipboard as if the character were typed on the keyboard. When you paste from the Clipboard, Calculator interprets some characters as key sequences or function keys.


:cClears any value stored in memory.
:eAllows the entry of scientific-notation numbers in decimal mode.

Also specifies the number "E" in hexadecimal mode.
:mStores the displayed value in memory.

:pAdds the displayed value to any value in memory.
:qClears the current calculation.
:rDisplays the value stored in memory.
cSame as the Dat button, which is normally assigned to the
INS key. You must activate the Statistics Box before using this key.

You can display a custom footer on each page--even use


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