Using Operators

To use the advanced operator functions in the scientific calculator, click the following buttons or press the keyboard equivalent.

((Starts a new level of parentheses. The current number of levels appears below the display. The maximum number of levels is 25.
))Closes the current level of parentheses.
And&Calculates bitwise AND.
Int;Displays the integer portion of a decimal value. Inv+Int displays the fractional portion of a decimal value.
Lsh<Shifts left. Inv+Lsh shifts right. After selecting this button, you must specify (in binary) how many positions to the left or to the right you want to shift the number in the display area. Then press
= (equal sign).
Mod%Displays the modulus, or remainder, of x/y.
Not~Calculates bitwise inverse.
Or|Calculates bitwise OR.
Xor^Calculates bitwise exclusive OR.

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