Using Other Advanced Functions

To use the other advanced functions in the scientific calculator, click the following buttons or press the keyboard equivalent.

cosoCalculates the cosine of the displayed number. Inv+cos calculates the arc cosine. Hyp+cos calculates the hyperbolic cosine. Inv+Hyp+cos calculates the arc hyperbolic cosine.
F2 Sets trigonometric input for degrees. Use this function in decimal mode.
dmsmConverts the displayed number to degree-minute-second format (assuming that the displayed number is in degrees). Inv+dms converts the displayed number to degrees (assuming that the displayed number is in degree-minute-second format).
ExpxAllows entry of scientific-notation numbers. The exponent has an upper limit of +307. You can continue to enter numbers as long as you use only keys 0-9. Exp can only be used with the decimal number system.
F-EvTurns scientific notation on and off. Numbers larger than 10^15 are always displayed exponentially. F-E can only be used with the decimal number system.

Grad F4 Sets trigonometric input for gradients in decimal mode.
HyphSets the hyperbolic function for sin, cos, and tan. The different functions automatically turn off the hyperbolic function after a calculation is completed.
InviSets the inverse function for sin, cos, tan, PI, x^y, x^2, x^3, ln, log, Ave, Sum, and s. The different functions automatically turn off the inverse function after a calculation is completed.
lnnCalculates natural (base e) logarithm. Inv+ln calculates e raised to the xth power, where x is the current number.
loglCalculates common (base 10) logarithm. Inv+log calculates 10 raised to the xth power.
n!!Calculates factorial of the displayed number.
PIpDisplays the value of pi (3.1415...). Inv+PI displays 2 * pi (6.28...).

Rad F3 Sets trigonometric input for radians when in decimal mode.
sinsCalculates the sine of the displayed number. Inv+sin calculates the arc sine. Hyp+sin calculates the hyperbolic sine. Inv+Hyp+sin calculates the arc hyperbolic sine.
tantCalculates the tangent of the displayed number. Inv+tan calculates the arc tangent. Hyp+tan calculates the hyperbolic tangent. Inv+Hyp+tan calculates the arc hyperbolic tangent.
x^yyComputes x raised to the yth power. Inv+x^y calculates the yth root of x.
x^2@Squares the displayed number. Inv+x^2 calculates the square root.
x^3#Cubes the displayed number. Inv+x^3 calculates the cube root.

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