Converting Values to Other Number Systems

When you start the scientific calculator, it is set to work in the decimal number system.

To convert a value by using the scientific calculator

1Enter the value.
2Select the option for the number system you want to convert to--Hex (hexadecimal), Dec (decimal), Oct (octal), or Bin (binary).
3Select the unit of measurement in which to display the result. When converting to hexadecimal, octal, or binary numbers, you can select the Dword, Word, or Byte option.
If you convert a decimal number containing decimal places to another number system, Calculator shortens the number to its integer. Numbers converted from the hexadecimal, octal, or binary number system to the decimal system also appear as integers.

Number systemRange

Hexadecimal-2-1 to 2-1
Decimal-9.9999999999999e-307 to 9.9999999999999e+307
Octal-2-1 to 2-1
Binary-2-1 to 2-1

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