Using the Scientific Calculator Statistical Functions

To perform a statistical calculation

1Choose the Sta button. The Statistics Box appears.
2Enter the first value in the calculation by using the mouse or keyboard.
If you are using the keyboard, choose the RET button by pressing
ALT+R , and then type the number.
3Choose the Dat button to enter the value in the Statistics Box.
4Enter any other numbers in the calculation, choosing the Dat button each time to place the value in the Statistics Box.
5Choose the button for the statistical function you want to use--Ave (average), Sum (total), or s (standard deviation).
6When you are finished using the Statistics box, choose Close from the Control menu to remove it.

Use the Statistics Box buttons in the following ways.


RETSwitch to the main calculator and retain the Statistics Box entries.
LOADChange the number in the Calculator display area to the number selected in the Statistics Box.
CDDelete the selected number from the Statistics Box.
CADDelete all numbers from the Statistics Box.

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