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Power Launcher
Rocket your Windows Desktop into High Gear!

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4 star Editor's Pick

Launch programs with the click of a button, manage your system instantly, and even set reminder alarms! Take Windows to a whole new level!

Are you tired of always having to switch to the Task Manager everytime you simply want to run a program? Would you like to turn your computer into a SUPER-assistant that will remind you when to pay bills, start projects, or attend that important meeting?

If so, the Power Launcher can rocket your desktop into high gear.

Here's what the Power Launcher can do for you!

Try the Power Launcher for free!

The Power Launcher requires a minimum of Windows 95/98/2000..

The Power Launcher is shareware, but it is not crippled in any way! If you decide you like the Power Launcher and want to keep it, it is only $20 to register!!

Registration will entitle you to:

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